Mutton Vindaloo

Ingredients 1) Mutton – 1 kg (cut with bones) 2) Dry Kashmiri chili – 20 3) Normal Dry Red Chilli – 5 4) Chopped ginger &garlic – 2 tbsp 5) […]

Inner Happiness? Inner Peace? The Pure Divine Essence of Being

Hello Friends, Whtsup?? Today I want to touch your Heart. want to steal your Soul… Actually, I want to see your inner happiness. 🙂 🙂 🙂  Getting confused?? Don’t worry, […]

Be stylish and Care Free even though you have curves

Hey all Beautiful women, Hope you are in best of your shape. Oops Did I just hit your emotions about your shape? Nooo, I did not. Now you don’t need […]

Girl’s Age Phobia!!!My Favorite AGE is Now…!!!!

Hello Friends …In today world who is your enemy …Girls Think??? When some ask you What’s your Age?? Hai NA… Seriously that time multiple brain start working …What AGE??? OMG???? […]

Congratulations to All husbands for Renewal of their…life insurance.Happy Karwa Chauth!!!

On This Karwa Chauth, My Heartfelt Wishes You Way. May all your prayers for your husband’s well being, be answered today and always,   !!!Happy Karwa Chauth!!! जो अमृत पीते हैं […]

Lying is done with words and also with silence.

                  Are you asking yourself the question why people lie? or which one is your favorite lie. Of all the lies I’ve […]

Good News For Boy’s And Girl’s!!Messy Room Actually Makes Your Life Better So Everyone Needs To Get Off..

I Think Your Back Already…                                                   […]

How to Deal With Angry Women and Why Women Get Mad??

Angry Girls: I don’t usually lose my temper, but if I get angry, it’s true – I’m scary!!!  Most men get stuck when they encounter an angry girl. They think, […]

!!!Girls Love yourself!!!It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside.

We all have multiple priorities in our mind at any given time…. Food, kids, laundry, cleaning, family,friends, work, bills, relationships, home, car, shower, sex, exercise, hobbies, breakup,education,healthcare etc. So to […]

How to polish your skin naturally

Hello All beautiful people out there, In today world of lots of pollution, sedantry lifestyle and increase in junk food consumption our body lacks natural minerals, proteins and other important […]